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Discover below best oils to begin with, my favorites, my daily oils use and how to receive best pricing. Hint – Loyalty Rewards Order.
Exercise was my gateway to the world of health and fitness. It profoundly impacted my life. Through years of exploring various wellness practices, no single mode of health enhancement has up leveled my well being as greatly as exercise until CPTG -certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. On this page you will discover how you too can experience this same transformation.
I used essential oils for 15 years, but their deep-seated effects did not become clear until I began using CPTG essential oils on a daily basis. Quality of essential oils and consistency of use makes all the difference. Know what oils you want? Click here to order.
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Essential oils support all I do.
Oils elevate my energy before a workout, soothe sore muscles, enhance my quality of sleep, increase energy through the day, heighten focus, deepen my meditation practice, increase oxygen uptake, increase metabolism, enhance my beauty care and reduce stress. My level of clarity, energy and vitality have increased greatly since I began using oils and other natural solutions regularly. I feel fantastic everyday.
What are Essential Oils?

Enrollment Kits
The best way to begin your doTERRA essential oils journey is by purchasing an enrollment kit. These provide a cross section of products and the best pricing. My favorite enrollment kits are below. Complete List – Click Here. I started with a Natural Solutions Kit. Choose the kit you would like from images below and then CLICK TO ORDER HERE with purchase receive Complimentary One-On-One Wholesale Account Overview $200 value.

Oils That Impacted My Life – Great bundles for Loyalty Rewards Orders
After two back surgeries, I was anxious to get back into optimal shape. I was not willing to live with less than optimal energy and vitality. doTERRA allowed me to accomplish my goal. The three lists of oils below that I use to this day, brought my well being back and to heightened states beyond anything I had imagined – just amazing.
1. Balance, Sound Sleep, Stress Reduction and Increased Energy.
Sleep – doTERRA Serenity. Reduce Stress – doTERRA Balance, Vetiver and Wild Orange. Increase Energy – doTERRA Motivate and Peppermint.
Create wholesale account now here and order these oils. Or existing clients order oils now and receive Morning Moves FREE for 6 months as a thank you from me to you. Send me your confirmation email from doTERRA and I will send you unlimited access. *Purchase includes complimentary wellness consult. $200 value

2. Enhanced Workouts – Increased Results
My workouts would not be the same without these products. Experience amazing workouts with me! Relieve sore muscles before and after workouts – Deep Blue Rub. Elevate blood flow – Lemongrass, Increase energy – Peppermint. Open air passageways for increased oxygen uptake – doTERRA Breathe. Increase metabolism and reduce blood sugar levels – Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend. ***To order these oils refer to instructions and FREE GIFTS in #1 or simply CLICK HERE.

3. Energized Pain Free Body with a Balanced Gut and Reduced Inflammation
These are my absolute cant-live-without products. Lifelong Vitality Pack supplies my body with what it needs to perform at it’s highest level everyday. Mito2Max gives me an extra boost of energy for those days that I need an extra boost. Deep Blue Polyphenols are AMAZING for reducing inflammation allowing me to kick up my workouts and all that I do without muscular aches and pains slowing me down. ***To order these amazing oils refer to instructions and FREE GIFTS in #1` or simply CLICK HERE.

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Essential Oils
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The Best Way to Earn FREE Products – Loyalty Rewards Program Any wholesale customer or wellness advocate enrolled through that creates a Loyalty Rewards Order will receive a complimentary Wild Orange as a thank you. Simply send me your confirmation email from doTERRA.

Essential Oils

This page would not be complete without the KING OF OILS…Frankincense. My single favorite oil because it’s ability to balance the gut, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, beautify the skin and cause apoptosis – the death of abnormal cells that occurs as a controlled part of an organism’s growth. I use daily internally and topically. Cannot live without it.


Interested a strong immune system that is able to ward off colds and the flu? If so, you don’t want to be without one or more of doTERRA’s On Guard Products. This essential oil and the whole On Guard line does an INCREDIBLE job supporting a healthy body.

More Essential Oils Usages:  ward off flu and common cold, enliven mood, reduce stress and anxiety, soothe sore muscles, increase energy, improve sleep, heighten focus, deepen meditation, increase metabolism, cleanse and restore gut, ward off depression, assist clear breathing and respiratory health, promote anti-aging and skin health, build and maintain immune health, cleanse and purify air and surfaces, manage hunger cravings, etc.

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