Meet Mary

Hi there, I’m Mary.
It’s important to get to know someone before you interact; so here’s a bit about what makes me who I am and how I began my holistic health purpose-driven entrepreneur journey.

I have been in the health and fitness industry for many years. Group fitness instructor, personal trainer, health club manager, fitness model, entrepreneur, business owner, speaker, author and essential oils educator have been some of my titles. Sunny California and Southern New England have been my home and home to my fitness ventures.

I enjoy half marathons, triathlons, biking, skydiving, trail running, fitness competitions and I am proud to be called a Tough Mudder. For me, new adventures are a way of life.

Many Roads

Many roads led me to a heightened state of well being, a purpose-driven career and the experience of time freedom. Mind/body fitness, plant-based nutrition, the endless pursuit of personal growth, the desire to live everyday as I choose, natural solutions to health concerns and most life-changing essential oils and their incredible ability to support the body. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Empowerment from deep well being and being my own boss was apparent to me at a young age. I continue to share this message and to be inspired by it daily.

Where My Journey Began

Growing up in a home with all natural cleaning products, oat meal soap and no perfumes began my holistic health journey. This coupled with my dad’s untimely death from cancer when I was only ten set the wheels in motion for a lifetime of creating health naturally.

As a young adult I researched and implemented holistic practices to develop heighten state of wellness to ward off cancer. Not only the long-term benefits but the immediate gains of these practices became apparent quickly. I was excited with the results and there was no turning back. My life as a holistic health entrepreneur was set in motion. Sharing this message of living deeper through optimal well being became my life’s purpose.
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My Personal Life Today

I am the proud mom of three wonderful young ladies that amaze me daily with the way they live their lives with courage and kindness; I am married to a man that lives his life from creativity outside the box. I am grateful daily for the love and gifts my family gives me.


My Purpose-Driven Career Today
Silver Leader for doTERRA Essential Oils is the business title that makes me most proud. Promoting products that support mind/body fitness, optimal health, the environment and indigenous people all over the world is a true gift in my life. I educate others on the benefits of CPTG essential oils so they too can experience life with vitality, energy and a depth of well being that for many is hard to imagine. I also share this business opportunity guiding others to live their life on purpose with a career that is fulfilling and supports financial health.

I have been in the health and fitness space for many years and have never experienced a product as powerful as doTERRA Essential Oils. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a health and wellness junkie, you want to know more about this company. My business is growing by leaps and bounds and I would love to share this success with you.
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Yours in health,

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Look what others are saying about Mary

I first hired Mary after giving birth to my fourth child in four years. She helped me regain my pre-baby body and took me to a new level of fitness. A 5k, Half-Marathon and my sixth year participating in the Pan Mass Challenge all can be linked to Mary’s physical and mental coaching. Fast forward nine years since my last baby, Mary continues to kick my butt at every session and challenge me daily to elevate my nutritional choices and those of my family. Mary’s green drinks and cleansing principles have brought me to a heightened level of health and fitness. Shea K.



My physical strength and energy level have increased greatly since beginning to work with Mary. I am much more aware of what I eat and how this effects my day to day life. Feeding my family to create better health has become a way of life. Now, I live with more balance, vitality and good health. I am so grateful to Mary for her great skill, passion and energy in helping me improve my physical and mental health. Liz I._________

Mary makes life better. Her programs keep me active all year long. And her unending caring for me as a client, amplifies my level of inspiration enabling me to achieve the best results possible. Therese M.



When I began working with Mary, I was a complete skeptic. But because my MS had me napping daily, the thought of feeling energized was very intriguing. So, I made the decision to try her 5Weeks2Fit Program. I lost weight in the first week and continued to lose over time 35lbs, my strength increased considerably and then suddenly I no longer needed a daily nap. In fact, I have not napped for three years. I continue to have more energy than before I started and have maintained a comfortable weight. I feel great! Thank you Mary for the encouragement and support to get me where I am today. Michele M.



Mary has been my go-to trainer and has helped keep me healthy for 10 years! Her fabulous workouts make me love training with her. She is an inspiration and it’s uplifting to see her at every session. Suzanne P.



In recent years, I have struggled with a loss of drive to get to the gym and create health in my life. My friends that had once been active, and served as a support system, have become less motivated as well. Just 3 short years ago we enjoyed many outdoor fitness adventures together. So instead of trying to go it alone, I signed on with Mary. She got my carbs, calories and alcohol levels under control and counseled me on my exercise commitments. What a game changer. I highly recommend Mary. Ed M.

ed mazur


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